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Uh oh. I have a new album in the works.

I’ve recorded about 20 new songs since releasing “Heroes & Villains” a little under a year ago.  And I’ve several out there in cyber-space that I’ve asked loved ones to collaborate on.  So, for a while now, I knew that my 11th album would be shortly around the corner.

Enter my tradition of participating in February Album Writing Month.  We’re only a week in, but I’m 3 songs deep there. I really like one of them. I sort of like one of them. I really dislike the third.  Anyhow, whatever happens this month with that experiment, it’s further proof that I’m bound to have enough tracks that I like for a new album to be in my future.  Insert 11th album, Spinal Tap, “this one goes to 11” wise-crack here.

Some of these tracks I’ll be keeping under tight wraps until collaborators weigh in, or an actual album comes out.  BUT… If you’d like to follow my progress trying to write and record 14 new songs during the month of February, please check out my FAWM.org page, http://fawm.org/fawmers/michaelsalamone/


If you like something, drop me a note. It will help me consider what makes the final cut when I assemble my next album.





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