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Vince Martini & his 3 Olive Orchestra

New As of December 1, 2016: “2016 Was An Asshole.”

New As of Thanksgiving 2015: new single! “Vaguely Religious New Year.”

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For 5 decades, lounge-lizard Vince Martini performed dirty songs alongside of his 3 Olive Orchestra. Now 80 years old, and living in an assisted living facility, he and his surviving band-mates came together to rework ten of their favorite songs into an album.

Michael Salamone has been told much of his musical life that he sounded like Vince Martini. After tracking Vince down in a nursing home, a friendship was born, and Michael made it his mission to help release a record of Vince and the orchestra, something the group came close to doing many times, but never actually accomplished. The result is the new album, “Tits the Season.”

This is not an album anyone should listen to, especially women or children. It’s rude, distasteful and not at all very good. 30 years in the making. Not safe for work. Not safe for anyone. We’re all pretty embarrassed of it and hope you just don’t even give it a listen. It’s just wrong. To say that Vince Martini works blue is an understatement. It’s midnight blue. It’s some hue of blue that artists avoid. They don’t even sell paint in that color. Really, this stuff just isn’t right.

Joining Vince Martini on this project — surviving band-mates: Harrison Hoffavich on drums, Dick Spitz on bass, Less Teef on Guitar, Brock Hardley on keyboards, Buster Cherry on saxophone, Semour Bohner on trombone, and Lou Sass on trumpet.  Additional musicians appearing on this album include: Woody Hardigan on harmonica, Anya Neeze on clarinet; and additional horns from Peter Drilzzer, Dougie Style and Hugh G. Dildeaux.

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The Salamone podcast presented a special episode this holiday season dedicated to a look into the unaired network television Christmas special from 1985, featuring Vince Martini and his orchestra. The podcast features some parodies of holiday classics that Martini had planned for TV that are not featured on the new album, as well as commentary from pop-culture experts on the era about Vince, the special and why it never made it to air.

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