Heroes & Villains

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New music is coming soon.  I’ve written and recorded about 30 new songs since 2013′s Heroes & Villains release. The amazing Brian Rovegno has agreed to help me produce a new album out of the best of them, and the rest will end up on some sort of B-side compilation that I’ll put on my Google Play store for super cheap. Follow me on social media, and I’ll keep you updated, as well as tell a bunch of really bad jokes.

All ten of my previous albums are stream-able on this site, available for download through Google Play, and the latest, my tenth, 2013′s HEROES & VILLAINS, is available for download or listening just about everywhere. This page is full of links. Click one. Please.


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Michael Salamone’s 10th album. Michael Salamone’s 1st good album.

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