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Hi. I’m Michael Salamone.

I had a beard before beards were cool, and am deeply concerned that the over-saturation of beards in American culture is devaluing my own beard. Still, it’s pretty exciting that the sentence previous to this one used the word beard four times.

I’ve done a lot of stuff. I was a touring/performing musician at one point, a newspaper reporter, columnist and editor at an overlapping but altogether other point, a restaurateur during both of those points, and an arts and nonprofit administrator throughout all of those points too. I’ve dabbled in just about every form of art-form, because I’m both curious and creative. I grew up inside the gates of the renowned Chautauqua Institution in Western New York. I grew older in majestic Denver, CO. I’m back in Chautauqua trying to build a homestead and a church rooted in Christian Socialism. Once I hit 40, I pulled my head out of my ass and realized that all that matters in this life is what you can do to help others, and how much laughter you can fit into a day. I’d like to make those my priorities for the next 40, or more likely, less.

Despite the narcissism displayed by having your own website, and typing out a bio for those who land on it, I don’t take much seriously. I fancy myself an amateur humorist and I am happiest when I am writing and recording music, painting and enjoying an adult beverage in the privacy of my own home. Or laughing with friends.  I am a Capricorn who enjoys bike rides, dining out and, wait…. This isn’t a dating site. Though, I suppose the purpose of this page is to sell you on me.  If you like me, you might buy some mp3s.  I really want to sell you some of my mp3s. Or a tee shirt. Or for you to donate to whatever project I’m trying to fund these days. I hate begging for support, but that’s what a lot of this stuff takes. Right now I’m trying to make MediaRevolt.org a thing. Next up is SolidarityChurch.org. If you purchase or donate anything on this website, it’s going to go to that.

I used to have a podcast that seemed to have a nice following. Then I got tired of being in the same boat as podcasters, always begging for support. I’d rather beg to help projects, not for me to rant. I do that for free on Twitter. Sometimes I go on people’s shows or show up to rallies or go out and do public speaking. If you’d like to invite me to do any of those things, I’ll probably do it. I’m yet to meet a microphone I didn’t like. That’s true for karaoke, or just singing in general too. I’ll bring a guitar if I need to. Don’t make me threaten you. People seem to like to have me come speak about the value of independent media, the importance of privacy based internet apps, or to administer weddings and funerals.

I’ll host your event, or write you jokes for your toast or monologue. I’ll create you a web solution or logo or whatever. I’m a ho who is trying to fund a lot of different revolutions. Just ask. For causes I believe in, I try to help out in whatever way I can. I’ll hit you up if that’s the case.

Since I have this platform, I would also like to publicly endorse kindness and honesty. The further down the road I get in this journey of mine, the more I value living with those values, and traveling down that road with those who do as well.  I hope that message gets out through the stuff I post on this website too. Be good to one another. We all deserve it.

Thank you.