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“Solidarity” track list & lyrics

1. Democracy? More Like Oligarchy. 2. American . No Dream. (feat. Chad Lenig) 3. It’s the Economy, Stupid. (feat. Chad Lenig) 4. Debbie Falls (feat. Chad(gimme some mo')

American Weirdo lyrics

1. Watch My Nose Bleed
2. No Need To Refrain
3. Mother Pho Curse
4. James and Ann McNaul
5. iQuit

40 (lyrics)

Lyrics to Michael Salamone's song "40".

“The Misses” track list & lyrics

“The Misses: 2002-2014” is a compilation album of Michael’s most downloaded songs, in chronological order of release. Many of these tracks(gimme some mo')

“Heroes & Villains” track list & lyrics

Denver Is a Good Place to Die Huxley’s Revelation Wolf at Vespers Jimmy Carter Urinal Cakes J’onn J’onzz Tuesday Genevieve Little Blue Box(gimme some mo')

“Broken News” track list & lyrics

Willing to Coast Into My Sea Carrots and Sticks The Ideals of Cartoons Your Mantra Is Contagious! All of the Insects Morning Would Hey! Go On, Holliday(gimme some mo')


I came out of the 2016 DNC in Philly with this song in my heart and head. It’s sort of a love letter to the movement, to those who stood up, and a call(gimme some mo')

Not Quite Dead Yet (2016)

Michael Salamone's album NOT QUITE DEAD YET, released 6/6/16. 12 new oddball, genre-bendy, rock songs from michaelsalamone.com

Doctor Strange 2016

I had posted on my Facebook page for this website earlier in the year that if we broke a million visitors to this website by year end, I’d try to say(gimme some mo')

Broken News (2014)

Michael Salamone's 2014 album Broken News streams freely. View lyrics. Buy on MP3.


The song "40" by Michael Salamone

Breaking down Broken News

A friend asked for a list breaking down each track for her, and I thought this might be something I should share with everyone. You can stream the album free(gimme some mo')

Things are about to get Broken

I’ve been working on a project for sometime that is finally about to hit, a new album, Broken News.  There are 18 full-length songs, all with lyrics, so(gimme some mo')


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