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Our Struggle Continues

Essay from Michael Salamone solicited for a book that never happened about the future for Progressive movements as the era of Trump begins.

2016 Was An Asshole

Vince Martini’s annual holiday offering is a hate-letter to the year 2016. Released 12/1/2016, Salatone Recordings To be available on iTunes, GooglePlay(gimme some mo')

Crowdsourcing Against Oligarchy

I have learned so very much these past several years from my brothers and sisters in the movements. Notice I used the plural in that sentence. From Occupy Wall(gimme some mo')


I came out of the 2016 DNC in Philly with this song in my heart and head. It’s sort of a love letter to the movement, to those who stood up, and a call(gimme some mo')

A Tale of Two Conventions

It was a tale of two conventions: one story was told by the corporations, a different was told by the citizenry. It was the tale of two conventions: one for(gimme some mo')

The Call of Unite Blue

If it's Hillary versus Trump, we're not about to be enslaved by Cthulhu. We're about to be enslaved by the 1%.

Not Quite Dead Yet (2016)

Michael Salamone's album NOT QUITE DEAD YET, released 6/6/16. 12 new oddball, genre-bendy, rock songs from michaelsalamone.com

Game of Cojones

Michael Salamone examines the hubris and morality of the remaining three contestants in the 2016 Presidential Game of Cojones. Winter Is Coming This Summer.

Memorial Day 2016

Ah, Memorial Day weekend. I like BBQ and I love veterans. I am blessed to get to work with smart, funny entrepreneurial veterans in my professional life and(gimme some mo')

Sweet Louise

The song "Sweet Louise" by Michael Salamone

We Are the Wild Things

We Are the Wild Things: Michael Salamone looks at the first year of the political revolution and why we must keep demanding our stories be told.

Her Dubious Battles

Her Dubious Battles: Michael Salamone calls for more transparency in government, not less and asks we relabel the political revolution as the resistance.

The DNC Code

The DNC Code: How the Democratic Party became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clinton political machine and why that's bad for democracy.

The Poky Little Primary

The Poky Little Puppy is a beloved story for children about why we shouldn’t reward dogs who act unethically with dessert. The Poky Little Primary is a(gimme some mo')

Still Life With Warmonger

Michael Salamone examines Hillary Clinton pointing a finger at Bernie Sanders for "blood on his hands" and the three fingers pointing back at her.

Solidarity (2016)

Michael Salamone's album "Solidarity," 12 songs in tribute to Bernie Sanders, 2016, the political revolution and all of you. All proceeds donated to Bernie(gimme some mo')

Steal This Vote

Michael Salamone explores how Bernie supporting Democrats are reporting that their party affiliation has been changed without their consent and now can't vote(gimme some mo')

DNC’s Just Not That Into You

Michael Salamone keeps getting told by Hillary supporters that he's not a "real Democrat," and frankly, he's starting to agree.