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Salamone ep.140 catching up with Wendi Muse

Michael Salamone catches up with Wendi Muse, founder of Left POCket Project in a conversation possibly summed up as "The Interconnectivity of the Struggle." A(gimme some mo')

Salamone ep.139 with Norman Solomon

Michael Salamone chats with Norman Solomon about his latest piece for Salon, "Whatever Joe Biden says, the U.S. endless war in Afghanistan will keep going."

Salamone ep.138 with Lee Camp

Michael Salamone chats with comedian, author & host of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp about comedy during pandemic, the state of journalism, media literacy(gimme some mo')

Salamone ep.137 with Evan Greer

Michael Salamone chats with Evan Greer about her new album, "Spotify Is Surveillance," her Fight for the Future work & all things Surveillance Capitalism.

Salamone ep.136 with Jen Winston

Michael Salamone chats with feminist social influencer Jen Winston. Her first book, GREEDY: Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much, comes out this fall.

Salamone ep.135 with Ben Cohen

Michael Salamone chats with the Ben half of Ben & Jerry's, Ben Cohen, about his and Jerry Greenfield's new project, campaigntoendqualifiedimmunity.org.

Salamone ep.134 with Isiah James

Michael Salamone chats with candidate for Congress in NY's 9th, Isiah James about the issues of the day. Mr. James is an Army veteran, housing advocate(gimme some mo')

Salamone ep.133 with Malaika Jabali

Michael Salamone chats with Malaika Jabali, a public policy attorney, writer, and activist whose work has appeared in Essence, Teen Vogue, The New Republic(gimme some mo')

Salamone ep.131 with Anoa Changa

Michael Salamone chats with friend, author, activist, journalist, mom and all-about-that-work champion Anoa Changa about the whirlwind of the first two weeks(gimme some mo')

Salamone (the podcast) Ep.125

Michael Salamone explains why he doesn't normally celebrate Thanksgiving anyhow, but how and why gratitude is so very important to him just the same.

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