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Our Struggle Continues

Essay from Michael Salamone solicited for a book that never happened about the future for Progressive movements as the era of Trump begins.

Memorial Day 2016

Ah, Memorial Day weekend. I like BBQ and I love veterans. I am blessed to get to work with smart, funny entrepreneurial veterans in my professional life and(gimme some mo')

Thanksgiving Playlist

I haven’t updated this playlist in a while, but a couple of years ago I thought it was a pretty good Thanksgiving playlist.  Cheers.


If We Have to Listen to Christmas Music

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas music. Some of it annoys me to no end. Other songs I really like. So, I’ve compiled this Spotify playlist(gimme some mo')

Vince Martini’s Vaguely Religious New Year

Thanks to the hub-bub surrounding the Starbucks red-cup, we convinced Vince Martini to let us release a song that didn’t quite make last year’s(gimme some mo')

Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

Because the Starbucks Red Cup Controversy is all anyone is talking about today, I made us a chart to help navigate the storm.


Peeking Through Periscope – an article

  Hi.  My friends at The Elizabethian published a think-piece op-ed I wrote about the hot new social networking app, Periscope.  Peeking Through Periscope(gimme some mo')


Hi. I’ve had some inquiries as to when the Salamone Podcast will be back. It will be back in March. I’m currently participating in February Album(gimme some mo')

1996 Live Track on Archive.org

Here’s a blast from the past, but Archive.org has a live song from a show I did at Garrett Theater at St. Bonneventure University in 1996. I could have(gimme some mo')

Anniversary Martinis

Twelve years ago today, on July 4th, 2002, I released my first album, a CD called Stout & Martinis.  I’ll never forget how excited I was to see the(gimme some mo')


Have you supported my Kick-Finisher campaign for my new album, Broken News, yet?  It’s cheap and easy, like me. All you need to do is pick up my album at(gimme some mo')

Breaking down Broken News

A friend asked for a list breaking down each track for her, and I thought this might be something I should share with everyone. You can stream the album free(gimme some mo')

Broken News is Breaking!

CDbaby and iTunes already have it. It’ll be everywhere digital music is sold or streamed soon enough… Likely my last full-length album, (I think(gimme some mo')

Things are about to get Broken

I’ve been working on a project for sometime that is finally about to hit, a new album, Broken News.  There are 18 full-length songs, all with lyrics, so(gimme some mo')

Uh oh. I have a new album in the works.

I’ve recorded about 20 new songs since releasing “Heroes & Villains” a little under a year ago.  And I’ve several out there in(gimme some mo')

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