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Broken News
Broken News (2014)


He no longer cares if shirt is ironed properly

There’s no one there that he cares to impress

Aesthetically he’s determinedly faltering

In protest of a place where Reindeer games

out weigh performing duties

Altruistically, he bleeds


(I will retire when I die)

They’re putting process before progress

Jargon is more important than good business

No carrots but all sticks

Flunkies who fluff and fly followship

Chasing butterflies with a net built from lies

Clocksuckers living for quitting time

Chastised for coloring outside the lines

Desk jockeys controlled by the spin

Giving face time with a finger in the wind

Whilst they capitalize on committing sin

You can’t stick it to the man

without facing the workforce that empowers him


Bimonthly they pay modestly

moving forward offhandedly

exploiting greedily

Those Who did the work these jerks

monetize commercially

He sees clearly

All he can do is dream of being free

From the man he has never seen.



© Michael Salamone      –      Salatone Recordings      –      Michael Salamone Publishing


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