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Fuck You

Release the kraken
Ride the the dragon
Smack the salmon
Flesh bongo jammin’

Check the oil
Go dancing in the sheets
Violate the Prime Directive
Exchange body heat

Shampoo the wookie
Part the pink sea
Give me the nookie
Let’s feed your kitty.

Fuck you.

Hanky panky.
Glaze the donut
Tame the strange
Play the deep cuts

Knock boots
Make a magic sandwich
send out for sushi
Convene sexual Congress

Fuck you.

Wet the willy
Two person pushups
Interior decorate
hide the bishop

Make the Twinkee stinky
Bury the Weasel
Churn the butter
Smack my Vin Diesel

Fuck you.


© Michael Salamone      –      Salatone Recordings      –      Michael Salamone Publishing

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