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I’m afraid of you sending me on a permanent vacation,
so I’ll have to provide for my own witness relocation.

You choose to misuse psychological tools as your fuel for fucking and fighting. Baby, you’re insane; so I’ve booked the plane and I’m going to go into hiding.

You’ve heard the last of me.
I’m going before the plot of Gone Girl happens to me.

I’m not the first guy to whom you’ve done this. You’re Glenn Close and Sharon Stone. I’m Mike Douglas. Friends and cops think because you are hot it’s not worth making you stop unless you got the drop on me, Then RIP, at the very least, got top shelf pussy. Nobody would grieve. But the torture wouldn’t stop, it’s either dig my own grave or get out on top. i.q.u.i.t. A man is only truly alive if he is free. We may have met in the VIP, but You’re Kathy Bates and I’m Misery. i.q.u.i.t. Yeah. Spell it out, Sesame Street. Respect the Snuffleupagus, bitch because now you can’t see me.

Nanny nanny nah nah. You can’t see me.

Baby, you’re so cruel.

© Michael Salamone      –      Salatone Recordings      –      Michael Salamone Publishing

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