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J’onn J’onzz


Jo’nn J’onzz doesn’t sing about life on Mars just out of tribute to David, also Jones, Bowie.
He came to Earth after watching Mars burn. Though he’ll joke that he just came by to indulge on a Cookie.

He doesn’t want to see another globe of green turned charred to red by the greed of short minded men. No. Not again.

Mars’ own Mr. J’onzz.
Now the Rocky Mountains’ own Mr. Jones.

When Mr. J’onzz thinks about his life on Mars, it truly is the freakiest of shows.

Though he can read our minds, the only thing that phases him is a fear of of fire, and seeing his loved ones burned again. So he stays on Earth and he fights, alongside some super friends. This Martian Man has found a home again.

Jo’nn J’onzz won’t sing “Life on Mars” in tribute to David Bowie. He came here to indulge on a cookie.
Just give the man a cookie.



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