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Willing to Coast


According to my phone’s calendar today, I haven’t any appointments,

and since it’s synced to work and social media,
I feel it’s safe for me to say
this would be a good day for us to run away.

But, if you’re really wearing that sundress,
I won’t be able to concentrate.

I bet that we could drive to the coast and still get there in time to go

through thrift store record bins before grocery shopping

for everything we will need
for a picnic on the beach while the sun sets into a sea,

like that scene in that painting you’ve been trying to complete.

Put your brushes away my darling, and let’s hang up these phones.

I can be there within the hour, if I drive really slow.

I’m willing to coast, if you’re willing to go.

This would be a good day for us to run away.



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