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Your Mantra Is Contagious


We rolled up on you,

and you were like,

“Bippity, boo boop boo.”

And so our whole crew

got into your groove,

and sang, “Bippity, boo-boop-boo.

Bippity, boo-boop-boo-boop”

Today, every scene

is lit from the glow of a cellphone.

They say we’re more connected,

but we all know we’re more alone.

But, you my dear,

make the noise disappear

through your mantra of,

“Bippity, boo-boop-boo.”

That’s all that there is to it.

“Bippity, boo-boop-boo.”

That’s all.



© Michael Salamone      –      Salatone Recordings      –      Michael Salamone Publishing

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