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“Monkey Astronaut” track listing

1    Ja-Da-Qua
2    Magic Bench
3    Winter Day
4    Autumn Dreams
5    Rocktober
6    Mingle the Party
7    Doubt
8    My Life As a Video Game
9    The Satyr and His Nymphs
10    First Rodeo
11    Afterglow
12    Private Dick Versus Major Bummer
13    Place of Easy Death
14    Sink Full of Mayo
15    Allen’s Last Request
16    Sleepless Beauty
17    Vandal Savage’s Burrito Stand
18    Zero Day Shopping List
19    The Revolution Will Be Moisturized
20    How I Spent My Summer Ragtime Jamboree Nonsense
21    Without Aim
22    Sugar Collider
23    Lozenge
24    Johnny’s Talking Politics Again
25    Let Zygons Be Zygons
26.    The Robots of Death
27.    Daily Affirmation
28.     Nightly Affirmation

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