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June 1, 2015 – Salamone Podcast – with Rev. Quincy Worthington

Michael Salamone chats current events with Rev. Quincy Worthington, the USA Freedom Act, the Fourth Amendment, Presidential Polls, Religion and more. Rev. Quincy Worthington is a pretty big deal in the world of theology, a good friend of Michael’s and comes to us from outside of(gimme some mo')

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May 18, 2015 – Salamone Podcast – #ThanksDave

Michael Salamone chats about David Letterman’s retirement from late night television, the legacy of Letterman, and the changing scape of the late night medium. #ThanksDave Kyle Burnett is a filmmaker and writer in Denver, CO, and a wonderful friend of Michael’s. Andy Palermo(gimme some mo')

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April 6, 2015 – Salamone Podcast – Game of Thrones Predictions

Game of Thrones superfans and experts, Chris Filson and Dustin Martin join Michael Salamone on the show for an episode predicting what we can expect next on the new season of the HBO show and in the books. Spoilers! Chris Filson is an educator, husband, and all around great guy in Denver(gimme some mo')

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March 23, 2015 – Salamone Podcast – Comic Books on TV

Michael Salamone welcomes Kyle Burnett and Eric Rinaldo to talk about all of the current and upcoming comic book inspired television shows coming to networks and Netflix. Predictions, some spoilers, commentary and three dudes geeking out about the comics they love. Kyle Burnett is a film(gimme some mo')

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March 9, 2015 – Salamone Podcast – Politics Chat with Quincy

This episode is the first of season two, so it seemed appropriate to start the podcast’s new season where the show began, chatting current events with Rev. Quincy Worthington. We talk Ferguson, Supreme Court rulings and Clinton scandals. Quincy Worthington is a pretty big deal in(gimme some mo')

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2014 Year In Review – Salamone Podcast – special episode

This is our 2014 Year In Review special. I chat about the events that made up 2014 through the lens of news items and pop culture with Quincy Worthington, Owen Niland and Gary Peters. Since the Holiday Special was silly and satirical, this special set out to be more serious and(gimme some mo')

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the Vince Martini Christmas Special (NSFW)

This is a special holiday episode of the Salamone podcast, where we take a look behind Salatone Recordings artist and naughty lounge-lizard Vince Martini’s lost 1985 network TV Christmas special. Vince Martini’s new album “Tits the Season” is now available on(gimme some mo')

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Oct. 21, 2014 – Salamone Podcast – Almost Like a Real Talk Show

  This episode is the first season finale, so it seemed appropriate to bring our most frequent panelists on to help heckle the headlines. Improv guru and public health advocate Jane Fischer, TV executive Brian Rovegno, and Rev. Quincy Worthington chat with me about Pumpkin Riots, Ebola(gimme some mo')

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October 7, 2014 Salamone Podcast – Drunk Musicians Talking Politics

We’re going experimental for this episode of the Salamone podcast, and having a drunken political discussion, with fellow musicians Jon Marc Johnson and Paul LaPlaca. We will be having cocktails and be discussing the political topics of the day. Jon and I used to do this in real(gimme some mo')

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Sept 16, 2014 – Salamone Podcast – Jibber Jabber with OT & BroRo

Joining Michael Salamone on the podcast for a chat on September 16, 2014  were two dear, long-tme friends: Stage actor Owen Niland and TV guru Brian Rovegno. On the table was Urban Outfitters and Kent State, U2 hacking iPhones, Miss America, Fall TV, Olive Garden, Colorado recreational(gimme some mo')

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Sept 2, 2014 – Salamone Podcast – Doctor Who Super Fan Panel

On September 2, 2014, Michael Salamone assembled a panel of fellow Doctor Who super-fans to run down the first two episodes featuring our new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. –And really all things Whovian and our hopes for this latest series.  Joining Michael was Ana Brawley, Jon Marc(gimme some mo')

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Aug 26, 2014 – Salamone Podcast – Talking Emmys with Brian Rovegno

On the August 26, 2014 episode of the Salamone podcast, Michael Salamone chatted with another life-long friend, Brian Rovegno, a television programming executive, and all around fun guy.  They ran down the Emmy Awards and other happenings in pop culture worth talking about. It should be(gimme some mo')

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